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Online Streaming

Hyperview has gone through a significant development to suit customer requirments and also to offer benefits through new technologies.

The latest innovation is "Pixel Streaming" to clients ... to any device which has a modern browser and to any location that has a suitable internet connection.

The screen capture above is an example of what can be achieved both as a Pixel Streaming or desktop app outcome.

Infrastructure Online

We create applications that work in conjunction with your 3D designs and independently give clients another means of 3D delivery within a real time environment to explore projects at full scale.The Hyperview is a application developed by Luminova with server side BIM asset management.

See below a sample project where medium to large projects can be set up and navigated smoothly without the BIM assets having to be simplified.

Luminova Services

Luminova UK is a developer of infrastructure visualisation services and applications.


Applications include the Luminova Hypeview which is developed using technologies including Epic Games Unreal Engine 5.0. Other bespoke applications are developed using similar technologies. 

Luminova offers technical project management services delivering visual technologies including fully immersive environments for design review and other use cases. 


UE5 Hyperview uses Metahumans with custom Motion Capture behavior

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