Unity 3D applications

We create Unity applications that work in conjunction with your 3D designs and independently give clients another means of 3D delivery within a real time environment to explore projects at full scale.

Hyperview Online

The Hyperview is a Unity application developed by Luminova with server side BIM asset management.

See below a sample [desktop browser only at present] project where medium to large projects can be set up and navigated smoothly without the BIM assets having to be simplified.

[the clip below is a screen capture]

Hyperview Features

-Uses native BIM served by 3DRepo

- Ground based navigation

- Drone based navigation

- Sun / shadow representation

- Hot swap building revisions

- Animated people

- Sky library

- Material palette

- Data presentation via API

- Read more by clicking the link below



Hyperview app: mesh > white block > real time navigation